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Soothing, comforting, relaxing
Sleepy body lotion

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"If I could only use one lotion for the rest of my life it would be this! I have had about 10 pots of this now and use it every night without fail. The smell is so luxurious and just makes you feel so relaxed." - ToriaB

"I struggled to sleep while heavily pregnant, moisturising myself with this on an evening after a bath (also using twilight scented products) I found it relaxed me enough to get a decent sleep! It smells amazing! Just like twilight bath bomb and lingers on your skin longer! Love it!" - holl.eustace

"I use this product along with the twilight spray on my whole family. We apply the cream before bed time and it leaves our skin very soft and subtle as well as smelling great. My daughter loves this cream and it helps her with her sleeping which at times isn’t so great. A must have for me and my family." - danni.dhillon

How to use: 

Blanket your body in this lovely lotion before stepping into soft pyjamas for snuggly nights beside the fire.


About 3 weeks ago

Before even talking about the scent, let's get into the formula because it's gorgeous. It's just so perfectly moisturising with a rich but not too thick consistency that spreads easily and absorbs quickly. My skin has never felt better. The fragrance, like the Twilight body spray, is beautiful soothing lavender warmed with tonka. A masterful blend that's so comforting and...

28 Ingredients
Rich and soothing
Ylang Ylang
Sweet and heady
Sweetly scented
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About 3 years ago

I used to take anxiety medication for 11 years and had to stop recently which was pretty terrible. But I found that using and smelling Sleepy can help my anxiety not be as bad. It's such a relaxing scent and I love using it! I hope lush makes it permanent or at least brings it to the kitchen often!

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About 6 days ago

I’m so addicted to this body lotion and cannot stop sniffing my arms after applying it. Lush please make a perfume with the same scent!


3 days ago


About 3 days ago

100% my favourite lotion from lush ! Started using just as a night cream and now I use as a all round skin lotion. I suffered with really dry elbows and under arms and this makes a massive difference especially using it just before bed. Also smells amazing and my hands don’t feel super greasy after use ! Would recommend!

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