Buffed and primed


Body Butter

Buffed and primed
Buffy Body Butter

Slay dead skin with this scrub-in-a-bar that's filled with essential oils, cocoa and shea butters, and ground-up goodies that are great to use on thighs and bums, leaving you looking dewy. Rub the bar on wet skin to release the goodness: ground rice, almonds and aduki beans get to work polishing away dead cells, while the blend of lavender oil, cocoa butter and shea butter replenish moisture.


About 1 year ago

Buffy is amazing shower helper. It works great for people with dry skin. I had the smaller version but still it lasted for ages. I can't agree with reviews saying it is too oily. It is not. My skin on legs is really dry and it does wonders for me.

11 Ingredients
Lavender oil
Balancing and calming
Cleansing and uplifting
Softening and conditioning

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 3 years ago

I have never in my life been into skin care. I have even, in fact, often mocked my family and friends for the unending parade of serums, gels, lotions, and creams they collected over the years to try and find that "finish" and "tone" they were looking for. As a sort of rough-n-tumble kind of guy I just never thought it was for me. I didn't want to be fem and smell like flowers. But this past month, my friends and our local Lush shop kicked my butt onto what seems to be a really great path.

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About 4 weeks ago

This is one of my favourite products. Moisturising and gently exfoliating it just leaves my skin silky soft and smooth. Perfect to use before shaving too.


1 day ago


About 1 day ago

I love this product. Although it’s not very pliable, it leaves your skin super soft. The only (major) problem with it is that in the summer, it melts with minimal effort, leaving a liquid mess in the tin which then breaks into pieces when it re-solidifies. I’m not sure what the solution is, or even if there is one, but it’s really disappointing. If you want to take this on holiday, make sure you keep it cool or in the fridge.

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