Truly scrumptious!


Cookie Dough

Body Scrub

Truly scrumptious!
cookie dough community shower scrub

Who needs the cookie jar when you can fulfil your sweet cravings with Cookie Dough body scrub? An irresistibly inviting blend of comforting vanilla absolute, softening cocoa powder and mouthwatering hydration to the skin and a satisfying sugar fix. A dash of coarse granulated sugar, a pinch of superfine sea salt and a handful of silky cornflour is a batch made in heaven, whipping up the creamiest of lathers and gently buffing the skin for a velvety touch. You’ll go nuts for a triple serving of toasted hazelnut oil, protective pistachio oil and fruity almond essential oil, releasing waves of sweetly-scented cherries that delicately blossom on the skin. This scrub really takes the biscuit, who says you can’t enjoy baked goods in the bathroom?


About 3 weeks ago

Smells amazing, like a vanilla cookie with almond oil. When I smell it I can remember Cinders and Buche the Noel.

20 Ingredients
Almond Oil
Sweet smelling
Nutty for nuts
Cleansing and volumising

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 2 weeks ago


Truly lovely, smells like a sweet almond sticky tart, feels gorgeous on your skin, slightly scrubby but doesn't irritate my eczema and leaves you feeling soft and smooth. Please make this item permanent, can see so many people enjoying it and there's definitely a gap for it.

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Rachael Hutchings

About 1 week ago

Very subtly sweet and nutty smell and gorgeous creamy and thick texture. A nice level of exfoliation without being abrasive, perfect for sensitive skin types. A little really goes a long way and I can sense this pot will last me a while.


5 days ago


About 5 days ago

smells like literal cookie dough, very coconutty. that's the only nice thing about this scrub.
you can't spread it on your skin at all. it just clumps up in your hand in this rubber consistency, and just lathers a bit. no scrub or any texture felt at all. I tried to use different amounts of it thinking that maybe I got to much or not enough but it doesn't change. meh.

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