Sugar, spice and all things nice



Body Spray

Sugar, spice and all things nice

Spicy florals and playful citrus combine to create this flirty scent. Cheeky hints of sweet toffee apple and crisp, refreshing bergamot will allure and captivate. Looking for the perfect match? A heart of sensual jasmine and warm cinnamon are sure to heat things up. This saucy blend will send you sky-high on the rollercoaster of love.



About 1 year ago

This body spray smells like you are spraying yourself with the Fizzbanger bath bomb. It’s gorgeous! If you love that scent, you will know exactly what is to come. It’s spicy and the apple is strong enough to make a statement and the body spray scent lasts longer than the perfume variation. I will be purchasing this as long as...

23 Ingredients
Ylang Ylang
Sweet, heady and floral
Soothing and toning

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 1 year ago

I did not like the scent at all. I feel these are so over priced for a body spray. I think I’ll be sticking to perfume!

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About 10 months ago

This scent evolves a bit with time. First, for me at least, it's apples; not sweet baked apples, but crisp fresh ones picked straight from the tree on a warm autumn day. Imagine standing in an orchard as the scent of the nearby meadow rolls in underneath - that's where the floral comes in - and when I smell it I'm sure there's pumpkin farm somewhere not too far off as well. My new favourite scent. They could up the cinnamon a bit, in my opinion, but that's basically my feedback for everything ever.


5 months ago

Duma Gdanska

About 5 months ago

I feel that this scent can be worn anytime in any season. Love has both refreshing quality for summer and warm spiciness for winter. If I have to put it in one sentence to describe the scent, let's say it is a pleasant amount of cinnamon combined with a sweet fruity citrusy undertone. The refreshing citrus transforms the cinnamon into something not-so-pungent but rather sweet and cosy. I smell little to no floral scent and I'm surprised to learn that Love contains jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang, but I must say I'm not an olfactory genius.

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