Relaxing lavender aromatherapy


Big Bottle Of Calm

Reusable Bubble Bottle

Relaxing lavender aromatherapy
purple aromatherapy bottle shaped scented bubble bar

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How to use: 
You can use this bubble bottle over, and over, and over again. Hold under the tap for mountains of bubbles, then save for when you’re ready to summon splendid suds all over again. Best used fresh.

How to store: 
Store in a cool, dry place before your first encounter, and in between future soaks. Enough for 8-10 baths!

28 Ingredients
Chamomile Oil
Soothing and calming
Dried Roman Chamomile
Soothes body and mind
Benzoin Resinoid
Soothing and protective
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About 5 months ago

The purple bit smells like lavender but the delicious cap has that more Tonka ish heady smell and I love it! It does melt with heat bit holding it sideways or with Tongs/ tweezers would stop that. Good bubbles and lovely colour from not much bar. Had 4 baths out of it so far and it's still recognisable. Also makes the bathroom Snell fab! Does leave purple mark where I put it but that washes off tiles easily.

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5/5 stars


About 4 days ago

Really pleased with this. Have already run a few baths for my daughter with this bar and we clearly have over half of it left. So it is certainly more economical than the bath bombs. Purple, lavender bubbles. Lovely! Planning to give as presents for family too.
Have a box ready to keep it in. Hold it by the black lid and let the hot water pour through the lower part of the bottle. Then pop it back in your box and enjoy your bath!


3 days ago


About 3 days ago

Smelt amazing! Definitely good for aromatherapy. Smells like Sleepy but more herbal - definitely more lavender. Not too bubbly but honestly I find store bought too bubbly now! Makes the bath sooo pretty. Lasted longer than 10 baths, maybe we didn't use enough. Only issue is the black cap melted off eventually and we had black floaties.

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