You asked for it…


Lush Advent Calendar


You asked for it…
Lush Advent Calendar

The advent of all advent calendars.

Lavish your loved one (or yourself) in luxury this year, with this opulent advent calendar filled with splendour. The vibrant and decorative design dazzles and delights as the ribbon unfurls and the doors open to reveal three drawers with 24 compartments, housing a bounty of beautiful products. With five favourites returning from Lush past, and a combination of limited edition bath, body, and shower products to discover, this gift is sure to score you some extra Christmas pudding. A limited run of 500 advent calendar gifts have been made by hand in the UK, and each box is numbered, making this an unforgettable gift for the Lush connoisseur. Once you’ve enjoyed this treasure chest of deluxe treats, reuse the box to keep your products, jewellery, or anything your heart desires.

Want to know what's inside? Check out the Lush Lens app, available on iOS and Android.

Your handmade advent calendar is under construction. This may mean there is a slight delay on stock availability, but rest assured it will be sent out as soon as it's ready.



About 2 weeks ago

The box is gorgeous, such good quality and I can’t wait to re-use mine after Christmas and have it out proudly to store all my wonderful LUSH products in. The contents inside are exceptional too, such a wonderful variety with ONLY 9 bathing products and another 5 which won’t even be available to buy, including Ponche?! The lovely Ponche. Oh...

25 items in the box
Inside your gift…
A pink purple bath bomb with a few little golden starts on it the Lush logo ingrained on it
Bath Bomb
Post-party pick up
fairy tail sugar scrub christmas 2019
Sugar Scrub
A tail as old as time
Bubble Bar
Moonlight soak
warm sock christmas bath melt 2019
Bath Oil
Slide into something warm and soft
golden pear glowstick christmas 2019
Glow Stick
Glow long into the new year
Massage Bar
Won’t you be a Dali-ing?
snowman dreaming christmas 2019
Bath Bomb
Settle down before it snowballs
santas grotto bath bomb christmas 2019
Bath Bomb
Instant grotto-fication
pop art bath bomb christmas 2019
Bath Bomb
I bought me some corn for poppin'
santa wand reusable bubble bar christmas 2019
Reusable Bubble Bar
Ho Ho Ho!
polar bear plunge bubble bar christmnas 2019
Bubble Bar
Assume the position
retro tree bath melt tablet christmas 2019
Bath Melt Tablet
Oh come oil ye faithful
lapland christmas 2019 lipstick
Lipstick Refill
Demi-matte with blue undertones
refillable lipstick case
On everyone’s lips
holly fun christmas 2019
A purple moon shaped soap
There's no time like the crescent
butterbear christmas soap 2019
Don’t be grizzly!
yog nog shower gel christmas 2019
Shower Gel
Big ol' bottle of cosy
happy shower gel christmas 2019
Shower Gel
A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight...
ponche shower gel christmas 2019
Shower Gel
Packs a ponche
rudolph nose shower bomb christmas 2019
Shower Bomb
Then one steamy Christmas eve...
snowflake body lotion christmas 2019
Body Lotion
The icing on the cake
sleepy dust dusting powder christmas 2019
Dusting Powder
Bring me a dream
galaxy lip scrub christmas 2019
Lip Scrub
A taste of space
candy cane tooth jelly christmas 2019
Toothpaste Jelly
Sweet and a little twisted
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About 2 weeks ago

So Lush have jumped on the "people will spend ANYTHING on an advent calender" bandwagon.
I'd love to get something like this for each of my daughters, but £400 on just bath products at Xmas isn't really do-able for me. And it's more Lush than anyone really needs imo.
A mini one that your average single parent/peasant could afford would be smashing.

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About 1 week ago

My advent arrive today and it’s beautiful! £195 maybe steep but for limited edition items and a beautiful box I couldn’t say no. It’s sizeable to say the least but with 24 full size items to be expected. It has a wonderful selection and even if I don’t use them all they will be wonderful as gifts.

I can’t wait to start opening it and waiting until December is going to be the most difficult. What I would say is I would like the number out of 500 clearer as for me that was part of the attraction. Little thing compared to everything else.


1 day ago


About 1 day ago

Okay so this calendar looks great and definitely smells great too!! However I did think it was a bit over priced at £195 !! Personally I’m saving mine for advent as I feel like it would make a lovely calendar for me and my sister to share. I did want to check the products inside to make sure they’re okay and some are in great condition like the holly fun and other bits and bobs. However for £195 I’m absolutely gutted at the state of others. Absolutely gutted. The Rudolph nose was half together and half a pile of mess. The highlighter was all smushed and so was the lipstick.

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