When only the best will do!

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Best Wishes


When only the best will do!

It's that wonderful time of year when late night shopping is in full swing, people are dashing about wrapped up to the ears and everyone is incessantly humming Good King Wenceslas (probably out of tune). When the trees are all glittering with shining strings of Christmas lights, it's time to lay aside our differences, make up with our neighbour with the dog that barks a little too much and send our best wishes to everyone we know. So, when only the best will do, give the gift of a really good bath. A tipple of cognac and Brazilian orange oils, a bubble of marzipan sweetness and a spicy shower of pumpkin seed and almond essential oils are the best way to any Scrooge's heart.

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Golden Wonder Ballistic
Bath Bomb
A wonder to behold
cinders christmas shower gel
Shower Gel
Spice up your shower!
puddy holly christmas bubbleroon
Have your cake and bubble it too
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