Saved by the sleigh bells

Limited Edition

Jolly Holidays


Saved by the sleigh bells
jolly holidays christmas gift

If you can think of someone who deserves to feel groovy and excellent this festive season, give them a gift of a Jolly Holiday. A unique gift filled with fruity fizzes, bubbles, and lathers for your favourite 90s kid, nostalgic nan or sassy teen. This reusable tin has a design that’ll have everyone screeching to a halt to reminisce about their school days and novelty lunch boxes. Bad moods are bogus so give them a gift of radical baths to make them feel great (as well as brightening up their break times).

When I wake on Christmas morning
My alarm gives out a warning
And it tells me Santa made it on time
By the time I grab my socks
And I give my gift a look
I'm on the doorstep just in time to see his deer fly by
It's alright 'cause I'm saved by sleigh bells!

5 items in the box
Inside your gift…
naughty elf christmas bubble bar
Bubble Bar
Santa Claus is coming!
santa gift christmas bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Rolling with my ho ho homies!
holey night christmas bath bomb
Bath Bomb
The stars are brightly shining
worlds smallest disco christmas bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Your disco needs you
santas belly christmas shower jelly
Shower Jelly
The classic dad bod
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