Calming, mattifying, cleansing

Fresh Farmacy

Facial Soap

Calming, mattifying, cleansing
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Every ingredient of this facial soap bar is carefully selected for its gentleness on your skin. Wth chamomile, elderflower, and lavender; this is nature at its kindest. If you’re looking for a facial wash to soothe and calm sensitive skin, this is the cleanser for you.

- Calamine powder, which makes up about a quarter of the formula for this soap, gently cleanses the most delicate skin and soothes irritation.
- Chamomile blue oil is soothing and calming on your skin while aiding restful sleep.
- Tea tree oil is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic, helping to keep skin clean and spotless.
- Rose absolute helps to reduce redness and balance your skin.

How to use: Simply lather in your hands and massage over wet skin before rinsing away for a soothed, calm finish. Follow with other gently cleansing products such as Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask and Full of Grace naked facial oil.

How to store: Keep on a soap dish or in a Lush tin to use again and again.


About 1 year ago

Oh my God! I don't usually take the time to review products purely because they don't work me plus im too lazy:).BUT...….this came into my life and changed everything.ok maybe a bit too dramatic? Alright, so a bit of a backstory- im a teenager and you know what happens when you start to grow- what start offs with tiny little...

19 Ingredients
Chamomile Oil
Soothing and calming
Soothing and toning
Soothing and absorbent

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 4 months ago

I am utterly disappointed with this new formula.

I have purchased fresh pharmacy quite a few times previously. I used to really like it and found that it worked well on my oily skin.

It is now horrible to use. It leaves little bits all over my face that I cannot get rid of. It seems that the harder i scrub, the worse it gets. I also find it really dries my skin out and after only a few days use I'm starting to get spots on my chin.

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5/5 stars


About 4 months ago

After yeara of prescribed medicine and severe blemishes to the point where my skin almost turned black, this healed me within months of use. I will always thank lush for literally changing my confidence and skin balance.


1 week ago

Lauren Richards 97

About 1 week ago

I got this as I was going for a non cocoa product, I used this on my first day and it was ok but over time. As I get spotty combo skin that’s also sensitive, this began to sting! Now my face feels like papier-mâché and is tight. Good concept Lush but bad execution!
My spots look red still and my face is flaky like some peeling sunburn skin. Also if anyone wanna know I’m 22, my skin ain’t wrinkly or anything.

I think I’m gonna demand an exchange for herbalism you know the stuff that actually works on my skin.

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