Daydream believer

The Comforter?

Daydream believer

60 minutes of pure indulgence, inspired by nostalgic comforts and the sweetest memories, consisting of a luxurious full-body exfoliation and hydrating rose serum treatment.

Welcome to a world of pure imagination, full of candyfloss, bittersweet cacao kisses and dripping chocolate. First, an indulgent, hot chocolate scrub to cloud you in the heavenly ministrations of massage, then a bubbling rose serum, hot, rich and dripping on your skin, euphorically floral for your body to savour. 

You’re drunk on chocolate, fantasy and music, on the weird and wonderful chords which send shivers of recognition down your spine, and send you high up to hushabye mountain.

Fireworks of thought conjure up fantastical, long-lost daydreams where you linger, free from responsibility. Awake, tickled pink with velveteen skin and a reawakened sense of playfulness. 

What to expect:

A luxurious, full-body exfoliating treatment with a rich hot chocolate scrub and indulgent rose serum massage.

What you'll love:

Reminds you not to take life too seriously.

Gently exfoliates, softens, and moisturises the skin.

Indulges the mind and body to leave you feeling deeply contented. 

Opulent spa exclusive products. 


“We were asked to put our own evocative stamp on cover versions of songs that evoke a sense of adventure and playful fun. We’d love you to be transported to a warm, safe night-time world full of wonder where your imagination and dreams run free; to wake up in a sea of bubbles, as worries and stresses melt into the rain. This music was created to accompany one of the most amazing body scrubs ever invented. Allow yourself to be relaxed, luxuriated and revitalised as garden warblers, owls and nightjars join the serenade leaving you feeling great in yourself. We hope you have as much fun listening to this music as we had making it.” – Simon Emmerson

What you want to know:

Duration: 60 minutes long with approximately a 15-minute consultation.

State of undress: Down to your underwear, lying on a marshmallow mattress, covered by a heated cloud duvet and cosy towel to protect your modesty.

Anything else? The Comforter? is suitable for vegan clients.

Why rush? Arrive for your treatment 10 minutes early to feel relaxed from the start.

Buy a voucher online then phone up your local Lush Spa to book your treatment or purchase a voucher in one of our stores.  Please note: spa voucher cards purchased in the UK are only redeemable in the UK.

Want to share the experience? Find out which treatments are available as doubles here.

All Lush Spa treatments are suitable for or can be tailored to vegan clients.

Spa policies giving information on which treatments are suitable for under 18s and during pregnancy and arriving for your treatment on the day can be found here. Please take a look before booking.


About 9 months ago

My friend had organised a surprise trip to Lush spa at Oxford Street as part of my hen do. We had the most amazing experience, I had never had a spa treatment before and The Comforter exceeded all my expectations. The staff were very welcoming and made me feel at ease. I can't wait to return and try more treatments.

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About 2 years ago

Thank You to all the staff at Liverpool LUSH spa. From start to finish my journey was impeccable. I was greeted in the shop and taken up to the fantastically decorated 'kitchen' (just like my mum's in the country) where everything from start to finish was explained the motions she would use on every part of my body and the products used. If this is your first massage you are put at ease and it would be just perfect. However if you are a seasoned spa goer it will also blow your mind the techniques and products used are not found anywhere but LUSH.

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5/5 stars


About 5 months ago

I booked a double massage for my mum and I for her birthday and I cannot recommend it more. We were able to book the double treatment room so could enjoy the whole experience together and what an experience it was!
I have never been to a massage that is so sensory and all-encompassing - we came out onto Oxford Street and not even the Christmas crowds could get us off our clouds of calm :)

We had Hannah and Shelby as our therapists and they were both very attentive and explained the whole treatment before taking us into our room.

Now I want to make my way through all of the treatments!!


2 months ago


About 2 months ago

I had been eyeing this up for ages and asked for it as a birthday present last year. I had to wait a little while to find a spa that I could get an appointment with on a day I was free, but it was definitely worth the wait! I was a bit nervous as I had never had a spa treatment and the therapist was really lovely and accommodating to my quirks (ex. they use an eye mask but my claustrophobic self could not deal with this!).

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