A vivacious patchouli perfume


Lord Of Misrule


A vivacious patchouli perfume
lord of misrule perfume

The kind of perfume that smoulders on the skin; a puckish patchouli number that dances on the edge of incense. Moreish and piquant, vanilla meets black pepper on a bed of patchouli. As it settles, sweetness and spice combine, and dark, smoky base notes come out to play. 


About 2 years ago

I received this as a sample from someone and fell in love with it. I bought quite a few bottles of the shower gel and a bottle of perfume before it was sold out. I just can't get enough of this beautiful earthy, patchouli scent. It was not what I would have thought I liked and would never have bought...

15 Ingredients
Black Pepper Oil
Warming and stimulating
Sweet and soothing

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 4 years ago

Please make this product more available to North America. I would love to purchase this but can't justify paying shipping costs that are almost the same as the perfume costs. (£26 shipping) I realize it's because of US Postal regulations but there should be a way you can make batches at the NA Lush headquarters. PLEASE!!! I love you guys <3 I need this in my life ^_^

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About 4 days ago

I just received my bottle in the mail and there’s something truly magical about this fragrance it honestly just gets better as it develops on the skin. Please keep this year round!


3 days ago


About 3 days ago

I'm really disappointed with this one. I read so many enthusiastic reviews about the Lord of Misrule perfume that I thought I couldn't go wrong with it. I ADORE the shower gel, the sweetness, the earthyness and the warmness is just intoxicating and addictive. But this perfume is a dry as the desert. When I first prayed it on it smelled horrible, not even close to Lord of Misrule. After 15 minutes or so it smells more like it, but still not close enough. What have you done with it Lush? This is just terrible.. I wanted to get more perfumes, but I'm afraid to be disappointed again.

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