A pit stop for your hair



A pit stop for your hair
retread hair conditioner

Feeling tyred? Sometimes your hair just needs a pit stop. If you've been living life in the fast lane, give your locks a thorough MOT with this restorative hair conditioner packed with soya yoghurt and organic extra virgin olive oil to repair from root to tip. Fresh cantaloupe melon has a rich, pulpy texture that will refresh hair and scalp and organic jojoba and extra virgin olive oils ensure your hair has that little extra stretch when you brush.

Fuel up on organic avocado and rich soya yoghurt to add softness and hydration, while agar agar gel wraps around each strand to protect your locks from the daily grind. In no time at all, your hair will be back on track.



About 1 year ago

I have thick, curly hair and it used to be dry and heavily damaged, but this conditioner has made a great change in my hair's health! For starts, this is the first conditioner doesn't just coat my hair and leave it overly squicky. It makes my hair feel healthy, shiny and soft to the touch. The smallest pot lasted me...

22 Ingredients
Conditioning and cleansing
Rich and conditioning
Moisturising and protecting
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About 10 months ago


I struggle washing my hair, I normally hate doing it because it’s very hard to comb through wet. If I don’t comb it I get really bad knotted curls. But this has just become my life saver! Natural ingredients and is a super thick texture! Smells really good but most imports my makes my hair comb-able without breaking the comb lol! After rinsing and blow drying, my hair is still easy to get a comb through for those who style with plaits etc. Happy purchase!

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About 1 week ago

I have shoulder length thin wavy/curly hair which is also rapidly turning grey and therefore the texture is changing. I can go from looking sleek with bouncy curls to a frizz ball all in the space of a short rain shower. The conditioner has been a complete revelation. Smells utterly gorgeous and has tamed my frizz and given me shiny manageable hair. Combine with a weekly treat of Hua deep treatment and Cynthia Sylvia shampoo and I'm back to my former glory


1 day ago


About 1 day ago

Am I the only one who thinks this conditioner smells like cigarette smoke?

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