Combats troublesome spots, cleanses and cools the skin

Cosmetic Warrior

Fresh Face Mask

Combats troublesome spots, cleanses and cools the skin

Fighting for clear, pacified skin? Cooling, fresh green grapes set the rhythm, while a battle cry of garlic, kaolin and antibacterial tea tree calms and cleanses. Smooth on a generous layer and sit back for 10 minutes as free range eggs and delightfully moisturising honey get to work. Then simply rinse away with warm water. 


About 1 year ago

I have oily skin and go through phases of being lumbered with spots and blotchiness and I feel for a long time I've been barking up the wrong tree by trying to just scrub all my problems away with harsh exfoliating. I wanted to try something more gentle and soothing but still powerful. Cosmetic Warrior refreshes and cleanses your skin,...

10 Ingredients
Enzymatic Cleansing
Moisturising and antiseptic
Antibacterial and antiseptic

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 5 years ago

I love this product - i have a large amount of blackheads, blocked pores and spots at the moment, and after using this baby once everyday (and sometimes twice..shh!!) it cleared up any redness in my skin, and either brought my spots up to the surface (which isn't a bad thing - it means they clear up faster than when they are deep in the skin) or killed them off completely! Yes the smell isn't great, but it has garlic in ! Don't use this as a beauty product, use this as a product that will work! :D

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About 3 weeks ago

After suffering with Acne for years, and trying every spot treatment or face mask going, this is literally the best product ive come across that actually does what it promises. My skin has never been so clear and the hormonal acne i have suffered with seems to finally be under control. When i first purchased this i used it every evening for about a week and saw a massive improvement. I am now using it every few days and my skin is the best its ever been. This combined with grease lightening has been my saviour. People that complain about the smell of this product are crazy.

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2 days ago


About 2 days ago

Unfortunately this product did absolutely nothing for my cystic acne. If you want somehting that will actually work I would recommend catastrophe cosmetic, it makes ur skin feel so soft and helped with my redness as well.

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