Powerfully herbaceous

The Greeench

Deodorant Powder

Powerfully herbaceous

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This natural deodorant powder may be green but the herbal goodness packed into it makes it anything but mean. Thyme, tea tree and sage steal away odour and keep you fresh. So don't sweat it! A herby handful of rosemary, sage and thyme unite in true Who spirit to battle bacteria and keep you smelling fresh. This may not look like your conventional deodorant, but rest assured absorbent lycopodium powder will keep your pits dry so you can strut your stuff with confidence. Sprinkle onto the palm of your hand and rub into dry, clean pits. That’s it. Simple.


About 1 year ago

I’ve been searching for a natural deodorant for a while now and I think I may have found it. This dusting powder stays amazing and keeps me feeling fresh all day. It’s fairly easy to apply and you don’t have to use much either. Works perfectly for me

15 Ingredients
Keeps things dry
Antiseptic and Absorbent
Antibacterial and Absorbent

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 1 year ago

I've been thinking about writing a review for the Greench for a while because I've found something really interesting. For years I used aerosols and would always find that my clothes (well, the armpits of my tops) would always get whiffy after a day. Then I used the solid bar Aromaco which was a step in the right direction but would dry out or 'sweat' weirdly overnight. THIS STUFF however hits the nail on the head.

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About 5 months ago

I have a skin condition called hydredinitis suppurativa, which was particularly bad under my armpits (not nice at all). Three years ago I switched from standard anti-perspirant to the Greench and I have never looked back. It performs brilliantly as a deodorant and I haven’t had a single skin flare-up in the 3 years I’ve used it. I’m not saying this would be the case for everyone, but for me it has basically resolved an extremely painful and persistent skin condition. Try it!


3 weeks ago


About 3 weeks ago

I tried switching to natural deoderant, and my arms smell even worse! Not only that, but it seems to have peeled away skin on my armpits and makes them stink horrible! Will not buy again.

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