A gentle, soothing steam

Dream Steam

Steamer Tab

A gentle, soothing steam

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A steamer tab made with rose absolute to help calm the skin and reduce redness, chamomile blue oil is really gentle and soothing on the skin, and tea tree is used for its antibacterial properties. Anyone can use this tab, though it’s wonderful if you have sensitive or dry skin. When dropped in a bowl of hot water, the tab will fizz and as the steam rises, will open up all the pores in your skin allowing all the beautiful essential oils to be easily absorbed. 



About 1 year ago

I treated myself to a steam this morning and used the Dream Steam tab for the first time. It felt like a real spa experience, such a soothing smell! When the water cooled I decanted it into a mist bottle to use as a daily toner. I love the package free ethic.

14 Ingredients
Lavender oil
Balancing and calming
Soothing and toning
Tea tree branches

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 5 years ago

I tried one of my new steam tabs this morning and i am in love with them!

I have freckly skin, which is known to be red, un-even in skin tone, sensitive, dry etc. And this calmed my skin instantly. I put my tab in water i'd put in a bowl from my kettle, put a towel over my head and steamed my face for 5 mins, using a timer on my phone. After steaming, i got a cotton woll pad, dipped it in the water i has just used and wiped my face over to close my pores back up again.

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About 10 months ago

I was really excited to begin using this product as I loved the idea of the natural ingredients listed and the concept of a package free product. I also loved the idea of having a fresh toner made every week and a mini spa treatment once a week.

I have very dry, sensitive eczema prone skin that reacts easily to cold weather and a range of products and ingredients. Over the years I have tried an array of toners ranging from budget to very expensive and none have suited my skin perfectly - most contained alcohol and this just stripped, irritated and inflamed my skin.

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8 months ago


About 8 months ago

Wanting the full vip spa treatment at home. Then you need to add this to your arsenal. Pop this into a bowl once dissolved grab a towel and put your head over he bowl with towel over your head. Like a vapour rub steam. Let the healing powers enter your skin and make you feel refreshed.

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