Calming, shimmery soaks


Bath Bomb

Calming, shimmery soaks
geode bomb harajuku shop 2018

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This precious geode is formed from mineral-rich salt and antibacterial sodium bicarbonate, drawing out impurities from the skin to leave it feeling thoroughly cleansed. As it cracks open with popping candy, pearl lustre escapes like fragments of agate and the water turns an eye-catching gold and pink colour. Lavender absolute and bergamot work in harmony, leaving your mind crystal clear. 


About 11 months ago

This is my favourite bath bomb to date. It ticked all the boxes for me. I love how there is popping candy, was fun to watch! Had a gold pearlish lustre which i didn't mind (was a little bit troublesome to clean after but its a small price to pay). The scent.. the scent.. i loved it! I spent more...

26 Ingredients
Lavender oil
Soothing and fragrant
Uplifting and sunny
Relieving and softening
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Chi Tenshi

About 1 year ago

This is the last of my bath bombs from my birthday collection.

Initially, I have mixed emotions with how it looks. The body representing stone comes off looking basic but the crystals are a beautiful shade of violet.
Once dropped in water the bomb produces a clean white and bubblegum pink foam followed by satisfying pops. The foam lasts a good 5 minutes whilst the popping continues for a few minutes longer.

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About 3 weeks ago

So I got quite a few bathbombs my usually favourites and some new ones to try. I want a huge fan of the smell of this one it smells lovely don't get me wrong I'm just more in to the fruity smells so I gave this one to my mum. Well it was a big hit! My mum liked it so much she recorded a video of the water to show It created beautiful gold glittery water and made a really cool popping sound like popping candy ! Definitely buying again but next time I'll have to get two so we can both have one haha!!


2 weeks ago


About 2 weeks ago

So I really love trying out new bathbombs and this one caught my eye with its lovely people geode look. And it didn't disappoint!!! The smell was gorgeous and the colour made it look like you were bathing in Felix Felicis (for the Harry Potter fans out there). The shimmer in the peachy coloured water was great and you come out feeling soft and looking lightly sparkly!!

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