The midas touch




The midas touch
Gold Fun

Like King Midas, who could turn everything he touched to gold, you can turn bathtime golden with this shimmering fun. An addictively scented soap-able, shampoo-able, shape-able bar of Gold. Enjoy yourself in the bath without the downsides of inedible fruit, unfragranced flowers and metallic friends. 


About 2 years ago

Oh my god, this is the most beautiful smelling product ever, I am already obsessed with the HIWTK fragrance, but this just takes it to another level, the fragrance of this is so much stronger than the soap, which is a bonus for me since it means it'll linger on my skin for longer... After using this as a soap...

16 Ingredients
Uplifting and sunny

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 2 years ago

Er mer gerd! It's golden and it's toffee scented. This stuff kills me and resurrects me at the same time. I've heard this stuff is great for shaving -- better than the shaving creams from Lush as they can clog the razor. My arms and legs are gonna be delicious!!

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About 6 months ago

I bought some of this last week and I’m so glad I did, I love the hiwtk scent! Personally, I don’t used fun, but my two little boys love it! I’ve tried a couple of the different colours but this is by far the best! My joys smelled beautiful, their skin was so soft, and I could still smell it in their hair the day after... (I pretty much used it everywhere on them lol) And my boys loved it too! I’d highly recommend filing for your children - especially if they’re not keen on baths like some are! it’s just “FUN” all around!


1 month ago


About 1 month ago

Make Bath time fun again with these appropriately named marvellous little inventions. You can crumble these under water to make bubbles, you can wash your hair and body with it and not only that but you can make all sorts of amazingly fun things with them. They all smell amazing too. Great invention. Fun for all ages.

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