Moor moor moor!



Moor moor moor!

Over the shoulders and summits of heathlands, a yellow sundress moves with the breeze. Never out of fashion, gorse flowers beam in all seasons; they festoon hedgerows, carpet roadsides and reclaim derelict land, loudly proclaiming their place in your journey with heady notes of coconut and buttery vanilla. Furze encapsulates this hazy warmth in oozing essential oils: sweet, honeyed neroli and lightly floral, woody mimosa. The prickly thorns of gorse are here, in green notes lying on the perimeter, but their presence is welcome. They are an enshrouding guard to allow buttery, blossoming moods to rise unsullied.


About 1 year ago

I bought this on a whim and I'm sooooo glad that I did. I wasn't convinced on the first smell after spraying but Furze kinda creeps up on you ..... then bam it smells absolutely gorgeous! Nice one Lush! A very happy customer!!!

12 Ingredients
Uplifting and toning

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 11 months ago

This perfume is one of my favourites - and the reason I planted a "furze" (gorse) bush in my garden :-)

It's sweet, but not sickly, and also green, and has a strong staying power. I see (rather smell) where the coconut reference comes from, yet this scent is different, kind of grown-up.

Odd bit of useless information: the name has a funny ring to it in my mother tongue (German) ...

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About 9 months ago

Absolutely love this fragrance and sometimes combine it the a little Sun for an extra summery feel. I actually bought it about 2yrs ago (a little goes a long way) and it still smells as good now asit did on theday I bought it!


5 months ago


About 5 months ago

I sprayed ONCE on my arm and it overpowered everything else that I was wearing that day. It's soooooooo strong and soooooooo weird, it's like a funny expired flower cotton candy (the mimosa no doubt) and I couldn't wash it off with soap!! Twice!!! I don't think there's any neroli in here, I couldn't detect it with the whole cloud of expired cotton candy that's going on. You really might wanna spray this on a paper strip if you're like me, you've been warned. Lol.

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