Shimmy up, shake it on


Get Closer

Dusting Powder

Shimmy up, shake it on

Get up close and personal with soothing calamine powder and a rousing blend of neroli and Sicilian lemon oils. After bathing or showering, shake a little layer of this mattifying, dusting powder all over your bodacious bod for the silkiest of skin.  


About 11 months ago

A must have if you're into dusting powders. The scent is unique and lasts a long time.

18 Ingredients
Uplifting and toning
Floral and seductive
Water repellent and Absorbent

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 2 years ago

My on-going beef with Lush products is that they force your sense of smell to evolve. I've blind-bought so many products and hated them initially, only to come back later and realize that I love them. This powder is a good example of that, since when I first smelled it I couldn't get the cap back on quickly enough. It was an overwhelmingly herbal/astringent monstrousity that I regretted buying two of. However, I took a bath with a Love Locket one night and then was looking for some powder to use and reopened this and O. M. G. It is such a uniquely beautiful fragrance.

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About 9 months ago

Great allrounder, smells yummy, lemony fresh! I use it on the whole body, stops my feet from sweating and smelling (now a thing of the past) and unbeatable as a dry shampoo ( it doesn't give me itchy scalp like so many others do!). I also love that it has no sparkle in it!! Well done, thank you! Hope there will be a warning before it ever disappears so I can stock up :)


3 months ago


About 3 months ago

My initial reaction upon smelling this for the first time was "eugh", because it almost reminded me of funeral incense. However, as I kept sniffing it, I realized it reminded me of the smell of a Lush shop itself, or perhaps a citrusy bath bomb I had purchased when I first started shopping at Lush. I dabbed a little under my arms and it smells nice -- it's not overpowering, but you can still smell it if you take a good sniff. The ingredients say it has jasmine in it, but I honestly can't pick up on it at all -- it mostly just has that fizzy bath bomb smell to it to me.

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