We like big baths and we cannot lie

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The Art Of Bathing


We like big baths and we cannot lie
pr art of bathing gift 2019
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The ultimate choice for bath art aficionados or an introduction to the art of bathing for beginners. This scintillating selection of handmade treats will surprise and delight. Colours will clash and lustre will linger, proving that there is more to baths than fizz and foam. Whether you're in the mood for a soothing soak with a bath oil, a bubbly bonanza with a bubble bar, or a cocktail of your own making, this bath gift set of goodies has you covered.



17 items in the box
Inside your gift…
Bath Bomb
Bath time superfood
The comforter
Bubble Bar
Berry yourself under a fruity blanket
candy bubble brush reusable bubble bar
Reusable Bubble Bar
The candy man can
intergalactic bathbomb
Bath Bomb
Blast off into funky
Bubble Bar
Hot Milk?
Bubble Bar
Strike gold
groovy kind of love bath bomb harajuku shop 2018
Bath Bomb
Sex, suds and rock ‘n’ roll
mmmelting marshmallow moment bath oil
Bath Oil
Sweet treat for silky skin
You've Been Mangoed
Bath Oil
A citrus wake up call
Bath Bomb
Let the sun set on worries
Karma bubble bar
Bubble Bar
Revive your hippy spirit
Bath Bomb
Feel ready to soar
For a rosier mood and softer skin
brighside bubble bar
Bubble Bar
Bright bathing
Think Pink bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Banish the black, burn the blue, and bury the beige!
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About 1 year ago

You get 17 wow


11 months ago

Ectoplasma Fantasia

About 11 months ago

Love the variety of this box and the artwork on the box is an absolute joy!

The bubble bars and bath bombs were my favourite and I like the fact there are few other things in this gift set - and no ‘snow fairy’.

Would buy again!

5 Reviews
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