Don't care how, I want it now!


Golden Egg


Don't care how, I want it now!
Golden Egg gift box
Golden Egg Gift Box

Bad eggs are no yolk, and trophy-esque glories like this one are sure to get the prize for best in show. This good egg ensures that if you're feeling a bit scrambled or fried you're sure to be uplifted and brightened after a long, hot citrus soak. Spoil someone (or yourself) rotten with this all-rounder of a bathing bonanza.


4 items in the box
Inside your gift…
A pink bath bomb in the shape of a egg with yellow spots
Bath Bomb
That hits the spot!
Free Rangers Bath Bomb
Bath Bomb
Beak performance
A gold sparkle bath bomb melt in the shape of a egg
Bath Bomb Melt
Wherever I lay my egg, that's home
Cream Egg Bubbleroon
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About 2 weeks ago

Value of goods inside doesn't reflect the price. Charging around £7 for packaging, and I just don't get this. Lush are making naked shower gels etc but won't ship oils or soaps in a paper bag, things that get ruined by other products in the box and yet are coming up with hugely wasteful packaging like this egg.
Sure, the egg looks utterly fab, but am getting fed up with the inconsistency of Lush and the one-sided thoughts on packaging.

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About 11 months ago

This gift set is my absolute favourite! All of the products are amazing :) Chick 'n' mix bath bomb smells incredible and is HUGE. The Golden Egg is HIWTK scented and I adore it. Which came first is also HUGE with a very sweet floral scent and Chocolate Easter egg soap smells like a Terrys chocolate orange and it's a very generous size as well. Over all a fantastic gift set for anyone who loves a good pamper. The packaging is simply gorgeous and you can also keep it to store more lush products! ;)


5 days ago


About 5 days ago

£7 extra for packaging that will just get thrown away?

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