For shiny happy people

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For shiny happy people
happy 2019 gift
side happy 2019 gift

Spread a little joy with this gift that will shower the happy camper with uplifting scents and suds. Soap up with energising Sicilian lemon and fresh mandarin juice that will brighten your mood and your skin. Rub Rub Rub the blues away with mimosa and orange flower and indulge in the fizz and foam of Brazilian orange, pine and patchouli. With everything you need to leave skin clean and mind clear, this gift will leave everyone smiling.




6 items in the box
Inside your gift…
outback mate soap
Get clean down under
Face And Body Scrub
Scrub and soften
The Olive Branch shower gel
Shower Gel
Peaceful skin
karma shower bomb lush labs
Shower Bomb
You can be happy even if there’s change
Shower Scrub
Freshly scrubbed
Happy Hippy shower gel
Shower Gel
Don’t worry, be happy
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About 2 years ago

I received this Lush gift set (along with my many others) as part as my xmas presents. When I opened it up I was shocked to find how many products were hidden inside! The choice of products varied as well, making it such a great gift set to buy since it included shower gels, scrubs, soaps and many more! I Think not only the products are absolutely fantastic, but the packaging itself was an incredibly beautiful design and perfect for either male or female. I would definitely buy this again for myself later on, or as a gift for a friend/family member.


1 year ago


About 1 year ago

Love all the fragrances in it made me feel so fresh

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