Do it for the turtles!




Do it for the turtles!
Sea Themed blue present surrounded by products on a white background

Let's lose the plastic once and for all and run naked into the clear blue sea. Here it is, your starter pack to ablution without the pollution. From cork shampoo bar containers to bubble brush painters, this gift is everything you would want if you were stuck on a desert island.

This bundle of naked goodies is perfect for the sustainable someone in your life. Featuring exclusively naked products, this gift shows it’s easy being green. The box, designed by Arthouse Unlimited and printed on recycled card, features turtley awesome turtles who are endangered by the plastic in our oceans. So, opt for this pampering present wrapped with a recycled PET bottle ribbon that can be reused, for a gift that keeps on giving.

This is a Lens Gift! In an effort to reduce the amount of packaging we use, Lens Gifts have been stripped of their ribbons and tags making them perfect for those who want to cut down on their waste. Take a peek inside by downloading the Lush Lens app and scanning the gift with your phone.

14 items in the box
Inside your gift…
Big Blue bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Float your cares away
outback mate soap
Get clean down under
Blue bottle shaped naked shower gel on a white background with a wax black tip
Naked Shower Gel
You're so fresh
not sleepy shower bomb lush labs
Shower Bomb
Banish apathy
mint bubble brush reusable bubble bar
Reusable Bubble Bar
It's mint to be
banana skin facial oil
Naked Facial Oil
It's bananas
melusine community bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Mer-made to be
Shampoo Bar
Buoyant and beautiful hair
turtle jelly bomb
Jelly Bomb
Shellebrate zero waste
charity pot naked body lotion
Naked Body Lotion
Spread the love
Buffy Body Butter
Body Butter
Buffed and primed
minamisoma shower oil
Shower Oil
Talkin' bout regeneration
Cork pot
Packaging that fights climate change
a box icon
Think outside the box
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