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Bring me a dream
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If life is racing by, hit pause and take some time out. As the sun sets, bask in the velvet, purple glow of twilight. Slow down with lavender as it calms and soothes while dusky tonka sends you off to sleep. Stillness settles as you enter the dreamscape and ylang ylang ensures sweet dreams are on the horizon.


5 items in the box
Inside your gift…
Body Spray
When day turns to night...
Sleepy body lotion
Body Lotion
sleepy christmas shower gel
Shower Gel
Thank you and goodnight
Bath Bomb
Let the sun set on worries
twilight knot wrap
Knot Wrap
Dream on
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About 5 months ago

Twilight bath bomb: £3.95
100g sleepy shower gel: £5.10ish
45g sleepy lotion: £4.35ish
100ml Twilight body spray: £10
separately that comes to roughly £23.40
So that leaves 10.55 for a knot wrap/ packaging?!
just buy the products separately, you'll get way more for your money!

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About 8 months ago

Received this year for Christmas. The products bought individually are amazing. Bought as a gift set..
AMAZING. Great value for money and relaxes the most stressed person out.


2 weeks ago


About 2 weeks ago

Scent is just good as I expected. Actually, I'm not a fan of lavender scent, so I started with Sleepy soap. Sleepy soap changed me, so, I decided to buy this gift box. Gift wrap is cute and pretty. These "Twilight / Sleepy" products smell like combination of creamy oaty scent and sweet lavender.

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