Savagely dapper


Savagely dapper
Wild! Gift with shower jel and face and body scrub
wild gift side view

Wide shot: A maze of computer desks traps our protagonist, who is on the fourth coffee of the day and staring at a fading postcard of foliage, likely taken somewhere in the Amazon basin.

A parcel arrives: rainforest undergrowth, tied up with orange string. The scene changes. The tapping of keyboards is broken by the sounds of rushing water and the feel of thick, refreshing lather that can only be the work of a face scrub. The vibrancy of lime oil and grapefruit infusion are released, but circumnavigating the citrus there’s an evocative whisper of verdant violet leaf. Alongside it, mandarin oil is running wild, a bright dose of lemon lathers up with a soothing wash of vine leaf infusion.

The shower stops. You step out, untamed.

2 items in the box
Inside your gift…
The Olive Branch shower gel
Shower Gel
Peaceful skin
Face And Body Scrub
Scrub and soften
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About 8 months ago

Definitely a gift to buy someone who loves citrus scents! The packaging is so lovely as well and I loved refresher shower jelly when it was a regular line product so I'm happy to be able to have it again. Plus i really enjoy how Fun can be used for pretty much everything from bubble bath to shampoo it's really an amazing gift.


6 months ago


About 6 months ago

I absolutely adored this product when it contained Refresher shower jelly and Green fun. It only cost about £8 and was my favourite gift set. Now we’re back down to two mediocre everyday available jelly’s (one of which gives me a reaction due to my medication and the other doesn’t smell too great). Refresher was perfect, especially on days when I was in pain and needed that cold relief.

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