A curl-defining moisture boost

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Hair Moisturiser

A curl-defining moisture boost

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"I use this on my dry, perfumed hair. Since swapping, my hair is smooth, bouncy and it feels healthy. I pop a bit on my roots too to help my scalp and give me some extra bounce and it just does everything I need it to. It smells absolutely beautiful, I've tried so many different products but this is an absolute must for me. I dont need to style it, i just fluff it into damp hair and crack on with my life. Absolute must have product, I'll never go back to anything else!" - Patchworkpoet

"my hair is long, thick, curly and very dry from heat damage and bleaching. This product absolutely saves my hair and makes all the difference. I brush it through when it's wet straight out the shower and top up my ends if they're feeling dry. I constantly get complements on how good it smells and it helps my curls run nicely instead of turning to frizz." - monatskagmailc

"This product has such an amazing smell which holds throughout the day!! I use this product on damp hair (my hair is naturally straight) and it then dries to give a light wavy look." - louisaday67

How to use
Use as much as you want, whenever you want, on dry or wet hair. The more porous and thirsty your hair is the more you may want to use to soak up moisture and help make hair less prone to breakage.


About 1 month ago

Been using this for two to three years now - I've lost count! Tames my curls, gets rid of the frizz, makes them feel soft, non-sticky. Best used on wet hair, but if I don't use it then I can use a tiny amount when my hair is dry. Brilliant product. Doesn't irritate my scalp, doesn't build up residue -...

26 Ingredients
Rich and conditioning
Floral and uplifting
Coconut Cream
softening and soothing
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About 1 year ago

I recently just started using this for my very thin, curly/wavy hair and it is AMAZING! I have tried using every type of oil, leave in conditioner, hair conditioning sprays etc i’ve Tried it all! My hair turns into a puff ball wen it dries and I felt like nothing would work. Then I decided to try this stuff out, it’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way ! I’be not even used a quarter of it in months. This stuff is exactly what I needed, it’s so lightweight that it doesn’t weight down my thin hair or make it greasy like a lot of oils did, but this creamy texture was perfect.

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About 1 week ago

I have wild thick curly hair and I use after my hair drys on the roots, works wonders and of course smells lovely.


1 week ago


About 1 week ago

I have wild thick curly hair and I use after my hair drys on the roots, works wonders and of course smells lovely.

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