Phoenix from the flames


Henna Hair Colour

Phoenix from the flames
Rouge henna

Rouge up your hair with pride and paint the town red. Fiery hues blaze against your own natural hair colour, picking out light shades and lifting them higher. Rise from the ashes with vibrant red tones and soft, glossy locks. To really make Rouge shine, get yourself to a sunny spot and let the sunlight dance in your hair.

Red henna adds body and shine alongside a deep conditioning treatment. Fair Trade organic cocoa butter gently softens, getting your tresses in tip top condition. A henna treatment will develop differently depending on the individual tones unique to your hair, creating your own personal shade.

This natural hair dye coats each individual strand like a varnish, adding an extra layer of protection and a glossy coating. Safe and good for your hair, you can henna up as often as you like.

12 Ingredients
Gives body and shine
Antiseptic and Absorbent
Refreshing and rejuvenating

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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Maple Syrup

About 9 months ago

I LOVE Lush Henna. I've probably been using it for two and a bit years now.

I broke up with my partner at the time and naturally wanted to do something with my hair. I'm naturally light mousy brown which goes a little bit blonde in the sunshine. At the time I'd been dying my hair a chocolate brown(ish) colour with box dye, but it was never really that great. I'd heard about Lush Henna and bought it entirely on a whim - second best decision I've EVER made (the first being splitting up with said partner!).

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About 3 days ago

I use Rouge over heavily bleached and damaged hair. Its very bright so be warned but brilliant condition. It makes my fine hair feel fuller and gives it an excellent shine. I use two chunks from the brick of six every four week as my hair is quite porous. I find it works best if you chop it up to a powder before adding the hot water, it thickens quickly so get it on asap. I tip my head over the bath to apply to keep the mess to a minimum and definitely wear gloves!!! Leave on for as long as you can, I secure mine with a shower cap to stop any spillage. Have fun applying, its worth it.


3 days ago


About 3 days ago

After doing lots of research I finally purchased lush henna hair dye. I’m highly allergic to ppd and so my hair was a natural dirty dark blonde after being unable to dye my hair for 8 years. I must say I’ve never been so scared to use something, mobile at the ready Incase I needed a ambulance but I was absolutely fine. I’m so happy I’ve finally found something I’m not allergic to, the results weren’t what I was expecting I was expecting bright ginger, the colour it is it a gingery brown in doors but out in the sunlight its an amazing auburn.

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