Spicy stimulation


Wasabi Shan Kui


Spicy stimulation
wasabi shan kui shampoo

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Hey Kui, with the fine hair! This stimulating wasabi shampoo will turn on your follicles and promote great growth. A combination of fresh horseradish, caffeine powder, and menthol crystals give a burst of warming stimulation as you massage it over the scalp. The refreshing scent of rose, organic sweet orange, and Sicilian lemon oils lift the mood. Hand-harvested sea salt, Epsom salt and wasabi decoction give your roots a volumising boost while olive oil improves the tensile strength of the hair, helping to prevent breakage and leaving it soft and shiny. 


About 10 months ago

I’ve been using Wasabi Shan Kui for a little over a month now and the results are amazing. I had some hair loss and thin spots on the front of my hair line and after using this I noticed baby hairs starting to come through and my fine hair thickening up.

27 Ingredients
coffee beans
Go mental for menthol
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About 9 months ago

LUSH hair care is my absolute favorite line from LUSH since the very beginning in 2010. I have tried *EVERYTHING* to encourage scalp stimulation and hair growth.

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Katy Castaneda

About 3 weeks ago

This stuff is an utter miracle. I was sceptical as to whether it would be able to thicken my incredibly fine hair but it has, and other people have noticed too! It's certainly not cheap but I consider it a savvy investment in my own self-esteem. Definitely has my recommendation!


1 week ago


About 1 week ago

This shampoo I really wanted to love. It has a wonderful refreshing feeling on the scalp.
It made the hair at my scalp feel thicker.
Sadly the shampoo did not like my lightened lengths. And I found the hair alot more prone to tangles/less shiny.

Just probably not a good match for my hair type.

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