I can't believe it's nut butter!

Handy Gurugu

Hand Cream

I can't believe it's nut butter!

Indulge your hands with a high butter content: shea, peanut, cashew and almond butters are blended with pumpkinseed and an infusion of rose water and rose absolute to reduce redness and hydrate. Evening primrose calms the skin, while chamomile blue oil acts as an antiseptic and fresh lemon juice brightens the skin. Slather on at night and let it work its magic.


About 1 year ago

Being both a nursing student and working part-time as a kitchen assistant, my hands were prone to be dry, cracked and very painful. Since I've used this product I have had a lot softer hands and they very rarely become cracked anymore. Would recommend this product highly

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About 9 months ago

I've had a recurring patch of eczema / cracked skin / blisters on my hand for at least four years now, and it flares up in the cold. I've tried a whole load of commercial and GP-prescribed creams and nothing got rid of it. An assistant at the Westfield Stratford gave me a tiny tester pot of Handy Gurugu to try on my poor sad hand - and it cleared it up in a couple of days! MAGIC. It also seems to have helped a damaged cuticle, although I'm less certain with that (since it could just be growing back on its own).

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About 2 months ago

This is my favorite Lush lotion, not just as a hand lotion but as a lotion in general. I use this on my hands, feet, and any other dry patches that crop up. The consistency is incredibly thick which I love, this is the thickest lotion I have ever used. You actually have to put a little pressure into the product to move it, it will not slosh around in the pot. The scent is stronger than I expected but I actually love the smell now! Highly recommend.


1 day ago


About 1 day ago

What has happened to the consistency of this wonderful hand cream? It used to be really thick with blueish flecks throughout with the most amazing perfume. The perfume is still great but the hand cream is now more of a lotion and the blueish flecks have disappeared. I shall still use it but I did prefer it in the former state

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