Come out of your shell

The Birth of Venus

Jelly Face Mask

Come out of your shell
The Birth Of Venus Jelly Face Mask

When you want to feel born again, use this skin balancing masterpiece. Fresh sea water tones and refreshes skin, lavender oil calms and rose absolute soothes and balances. Carageenan seaweed gel is intensely softening and will leave skin irresistibly soft.

How to use:

To use, simply pinch off a piece of the mask and work to a paste between clean, dry hands. Apply to the face and let it work its magic for 5-10 minutes. Wash off with warm water or with a cloth.



About 11 months ago

I love the jelly masks since they just soothe and moisturise so well. I found it quite easy to work into a paste and apply onto my face. This mask is so soothing I actually used it after I got sunburn and it cooled it down quite a bit. I also can’t describe how good it smells oh my god!

14 Ingredients
Chamomile Oil
Soothing and calming
Meditative and resinous

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 8 months ago

Love the smell of this, fresh , soothing and a little salty. Tried several times to get it to work but it stayed in lumps, could not get it to dissolve. Sadly had to chuck the rest out, but would try again if was in a paste or cream as loved the smell and the objectives as a gentle cleanser.

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About 5 months ago

Luckily I didn't read all these negative reviews before trying this! No preconceptions and loved it.
It stores in the bathroom and keeps for months.
It smells divine.
I don't know what everyone is whining about you take a pinch of product out I used about 1/7 of a tub rub it between your hands and then paste onto face (ensure hand and face are dry) I left it on fifteen muns then simply wiped off with a cloth.
It smells divine, feels cooling and soothing. My skin type is combination I have sensitive cheeks, dry skin around nose and chin and hormonal spots on forehead.

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2 weeks ago


About 2 weeks ago

I don’t get along with other face masks from normal shops. They make my skin come up all blotchy and make me feel all itchy and I have to get them off straight away these are so gentle. Because of the natural ingredients I don’t get the normal irritations. They make me feel super relaxed in the bath and they smell Devine. You do need to keep them in the fridge because otherwise they will go off super quick. But they do last a couple of weeks and it’s lovely to be able to use them in lots of different baths. I swear by these if you want a face mask but have sensitive skin. Perfect.

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