For a clean beard and skin


Beard And Facial Wash

For a clean beard and skin
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You don’t have to have a beard to use this cleanser, but it helps! Keep things bright and bushy with this creamy beard wash for furry faces. Don’t have facial hair? You can also use this when your skin could do with a bit of a pick-me-up.

- Moisturising almond oil is packed full of vitamin E, giving skin a gorgeous glow.
- Fresh pineapple juice has anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties, working to break down surface skin cells to leave your skin bright and smooth.
- Cupuaçu butter from the Amazon is softening and richly nourishing, making it perfect for moisturising and protecting skin.
- Organic jojoba oil helps balance skin’s sebum, as it is easily absorbed, providing light hydration.
- Rich in Vitamin A, apricot kernel oil is lightweight and velvety in texture, and provides moisture to skin and hair.

How to use: Scoop a little cleanser out of the pot and massage into beard and skin before rinsing off and patting dry. Follow with other skin-brightening products such as Mask of Magnaminty face and body mask and Enzymion facial moisturiser for a long-lasting glow.


About 1 year ago

I have oily skin that only gets worse if it is stripped too harshly with soaps. I picked this up in the Manchester store (who were fabulous) and it has made a visible difference to my skin and any breakouts last a day or so instead of a week.

21 Ingredients
Almond Oil
Moisturising and conditioning
Softening and moisturising
Moisturising and conditioning

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 3 years ago

I picked this up for the other half while I was getting my own Dark Angels cleanser as a distraction so that he didn't judge me on how much money I had spent on that particular day.

When I got home he gave me a raised eyebrow as he is in belief that Lush is a 'girls shop'. However he did give it a sniff and soon his eyes sparkled with joy 'It smells like cheese cake' he said.

All in all I have converted a non believer and my boyfriends beard smells like lemon cheesecake so its a win/win situation.

(he also said I can have the empties)

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About 4 months ago

I have struggled to find a good face & beard wash for a while and decided to try the Lush Product! I went in to a shop and got some great advice and tried it. I have been very impressed but it as i feel so refreshed from it and my beard feels soft and not oily or anything. Have brought again as very happy.


2 weeks ago


About 2 weeks ago

I bought this without reading the small print (just smelling it & seeing that it looked rich) and wow it's good! Very decadent to use, feel clean afterwards AND skin super soft & hydrated. Highly recommend, especially in cold winter weather.

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