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It's a sad fact that many sea turtles are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean. They eat floating plastic bags thinking that they are jellyfish and other small pieces of plastic that get tangled in seagrass. If you think plastic is turtle-y bogus, grab this naked Jelly Bomb, run a bath to tropical temperatures and set it free, safe in the knowledge that no marine life will be harmed. Lower into the water and relax under the bright green blanket as skin-softening jelly spreads on the surface. Cypress and sandalwood oils keep you grounded while pine absolute refreshes. From the belly of the beast, agar agar strands emerge, floating in the water as a reminder of the threat sea turtles face. Cut back on plastic and go naked.



About 3 months ago

This has to be one of the best kids presses ever . Teaches The child about plastics in the sea's ..and also how impossible they are to shift ..and if the child survives getting out the bath with all this slime .. it then learns how hard clean up on beaches is ;) Joking aside I've just had one of...

19 Ingredients
Cleansing and volumising
Soothing and detoxifying

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 10 months ago

I was a little disappointed when I noticed a reply by Lush on their Instagram stating that no proceeds from this bomb are actually going towards a turtle related charity. I know over all they do work towards a lot of genuine and positive ocean related projects but I feel as though this product and its description are a bit misleading and people naturally assume due to Lush's good name that they will directly be helping turtles via a specific and targeted project.

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Thomas M

About 1 month ago

Turtle and Turtle Immersion are two of my favourite Jelly Bombs. I just love everything about them including the design, consistency and scent. They turn the water a nice dark green colour while the jelly they release is super soft on the skin. This is a pair I'll always re-purchase. The larger Turtle is nice and chunky while the smaller Turtle is super cute.


1 month ago


About 1 month ago

I bought this turtle for my 4-year-old daughter. she loves taking baths I always use to buy the baby bot that helped her some much to sleep. so I decided to get something different for her. My child wasn't very well so I popped her into a bath with this and she was so over the moon! The smell of it is amazing and she loved seeing her bath water turning green, It made her skin so soft and smelt amazing... She was sad when it was time to come out of the bath. I defiantly recommend this if you have a small child who loves colours in their bath! I think I will be buying this for myself to try!

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