Slow down to speed up


Slow down to speed up

A 65 minute-long, full-body massage inspired by the Ayurvedic practices of India and performed by two spa therapists working together in harmony.

Heady world of spice and subtlety, skin adorned in softness. Many hands move across the body, casting spells of warmth and rest, drawing you deep into Indian folklore. Feel how the sky burns above - the rush of a train and urban life - and how these fade away into twilight twinkling over bazaars; a sudden canopy of stars.

Supported, you soar away from the bright lights of Kolkata, to the depths of the Rajasthani desert, cross the shadow of ancient Darjeeling mountains, and skim the treetops of the humid Kerala jungles. Fly over the surface of deep lagoons to bask in a cocoon of warmth and quiet on the forest floor.

Surrounded by flowers, coconut water crowns your brow, flowing freely to the ground in an act of Shirodhara. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Be free. Slow down for a moment. Your skin is sated with bedewing butters, and your body grounded by warmth. Breathe in sweet, soft blossom and drink your fill of India.

What to expect

A reviving four-handed, full-body massage performed by two therapists to create flow and rhythm while treating different areas of the body harmoniously.

Therapist and client visualisation combine with hot oils, singing bowls and a Shirodhara ritual to bring rest and respite.

Warm coconut water is poured from a Shirodhara vessel over the third eye and hair to create a meditative state of mind.

What you’ll love

A combination of coordinated, invigorating massage and meditation enables you to return to reality feeling balanced, calm and empowered.

Not just one spa therapist, but two! This four-handed treatment is the ultimate indulgence. 

Hot oils cleanse and tone the skin, while a grounding stomach massage treats the core of your emotions.

Redirects energy flow around the body to aid concentration and align mind and body.


Recorded whilst travelling through India by Simon Richmond and Sheema Mukherjee- finding harmony and peace in chaos resonated, and formed the bare bones of a new treatment built on the music captured in India. As Simon explains, “The teeming cities of India, the backwater villages, the hillforts and desert outposts - everywhere we went was a crowded flurry, whether it was a throng of birds, elephants, children, commuters, train passengers, tuk-tuk drivers and street hawkers. The dirt and the noise and the music and the beauty and the ancient and the modern were all inseparable and seemed to belong together in boisterous co-existence.

“And like an umbrella over all of this were all the traditions - the temples and the festivals, the principles of everyday health: the maintenance of balance, of keeping the body in tune and of finding calm within the tumult. It all ties into the ideas of everyday balance, awareness and inner calm that the treatment tries to evoke.”

What you want to know
Duration: 65 minutes of massage in addition to a 20-minute consultation in the spa kitchen and time to relax afterwards.

State of undress: Down to your underwear, beneath a cosy sheet to protect your modesty.

Note: A relaxing Shirodhara ritual at the end of the treatment involves wetting the hair with nourishing coconut water.

Why rush? Arrive for your treatment 10 minutes early to feel relaxed from the start.

Buy a voucher online then phone up your local Lush Spa to book your treatment, or purchase a voucher in one of our stores. Please note: spa voucher cards purchased in the UK are only redeemable in the UK.

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All Lush Spa treatments are suitable for or can be tailored to vegan clients.

Spa policies giving information on which treatments are suitable for under 18s and during pregnancy and arriving for your treatment on the day can be found here. Please take a look before booking.

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About 1 year ago

This was the best treatment! Lush Spa treatments are always out of this world but this one took my breath away-Wow!

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About 1 year ago

This was the best treatment! Lush Spa treatments are always out of this world but this one took my breath away-Wow!


1 year ago


About 1 year ago

This was the best treatment! Lush Spa treatments are always out of this world but this one took my breath away-Wow!

2 Reviews
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