Orega-no germs allowed!

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Naked Solid Liquid Soap

Orega-no germs allowed!
oregano soap

What if you could turn the mundane task of washing your hands into an experience you look forward to? An inviting floral perfume and soft lather transport you to a kitchen garden in bloom, where herbal remedies are reimagined in soapy glory. Take a stroll through a fresh flower bed of naturally antibacterial oregano, sage and thyme as they gently cleanse the skin and reinvigorate the mind.

Delight as the delicate, lingering scent of hand-harvested roses from Senir, Turkey blooms on the skin, distilled from petals still slick with dew to help soothe and calm. Take a deep breath in and allow your mind to clear, worries washed away with each turn of the tap. When you’re done with your sink-side pamper, place the soap upright, allowing it to dry in anticipation of the next time.

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About 3 weeks ago

Amazing Naked product for the kitchen no plastic bottle carrying germs all over the place and the ingredients in this product kills the scent of onions and garlic on your hands.Bonus PALM-FREE please pretty please make this permanent my new favourite

23 Ingredients
Toning and balancing
Cleanse and gives shine
Antimicrobial and astringent

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 1 week ago

I really like the idea of the solid, super-soapy naked soap and I really love the scent of this soap. However, I am not a fan of the whole oregano suspended in the soap. It gets stuck in my sponge, gets all over me and the shower. Too much mess.

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About 1 week ago

I missed this in kitchen and was bummed..thank u for bringing back...I absolutely love this hand bar perfect for kitchen stays upright smells so fresh..I loooooove the oregano pieces in it helps to exfoliate but just adds that extra special touch to it that makes u feel like ur pampering yourself That’s why I buy lush u can get ordinary soap anywhere but lush has a way of making those mundane things like washing after cooking and cleaning up special. I look to forward and it’s a joy to wash my hands in kitchen.

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3 days ago


About 3 days ago

I have been using Oregano as my dedicated hand soap in my bathroom for two weeks now, and it has held up extremely well between my husband and I! It is about 3/4 of its original size, so I absolutely love the longevity of it as a hand soap. The scent is wonderful too- it lasts on the skin for a nice amount of time, and is very refreshing and herbal. I enjoy the light exfoliation of the herbs inside; however, I believe they could stand to perhaps be cut a bit finer since the pieces are rather large. Overall, it feels very cleansing but does not leave my hands feeling dry or squeaky.

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