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Madame President

Bath Bomb

It gets our vote!
madame president bath bomb

The campaign's over - and you've won by a landslide! Form your cabinet with petitgrain oil that will keep you calm during the approaching term. Grapefruit is a valuable Secretary of State as its uplifting and antiseptic properties will be invaluable in buoying you up during the next national crisis. Cornstarch rounds off the pack as a fabulous way to keep the skin soft and clean. So, no matter what you stand for, rest assured that you run the world. Good luck, Madame President, for the next four years! 

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About 6 months ago

The colours tempted me! I want keen on the smell in store but it fizzes beautifully leaving a few star to fizzle slower, the slowest of all is the big gold star which leaves a trail of golden, glittery sparkle. After the is gone the water is left a golden, purple smelling deliciously woody. Shame it's only a limited addition...

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*occurs naturally in essential oils.

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La Petit Mort

About 6 months ago


This bath bomb has made it’s way onto one of my all time favourite products from Lush scent wise. The bath bomb is a fast fizzier leaving the bath water a stunning shade of dark purple. Thie scent of this is pro dominantly petigrain which is very unique earthy-floral and the addition of grapefruit compliments this amazingly! I hope to see more Madame president scented products in the future.


4 months ago


About 4 months ago

Firstly, the description is off. I wouldn't call this product citrusy as this is petitgrain through and through. Tried it tonight, and even though it doesn't really have any moisturising oils, it wasn't extremely drying on my already v dry skin . The fragrance is very addictive, and although I have an embarrassingly large stock of new bath bombs to try, I may have to repurchase this before it goes. Not my absolute favourite but a fun one to try. Nice and warming before heading to sleep.

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