Sassy, not brassy, hair


Hair Treatment

Sassy, not brassy, hair
marilyn hair treatment

The lightest pre-wash treatments that gives shine, brightness and softness.

This hair mask contains an army of shiners and brighteners including lemon, chamomile and saffron infusions, giving the impression your hair has been kissed by the sun. Marilyn can also help blondes (natural or bottled), to maintain their hue that has the potential to become brassy over time. Linseed mucilage softens and lightly moisturizes without weighing hair down. Meanwhile, olive oil increases the tensile strength of hair, meaning it is less prone to breakage. Not just for blondes, anyone wanting a treatment that gives bags of shine and does not weigh down the hair can use this product.

For best results, apply generously on dry hair until the hair is fully soaked with product. In most cases this is a full 250g pot. Leave for at least 20 minutes, to allow the ingredients to get to work, moisturizing and strengthening your crowning glory. You should notice over time your hair soaking up the excess product!  For a thorough application divide your hair into 4 quarters on the scalp and apply generous amounts quarter at a time. For thick and/or long hair apply on a quarter of hair at a time, one layer at a time, starting from the bottom layers and working up to the crown. After rinsing out the excess product, shampoo and condition as normal. Use this treatment as part of your hair care routine when needed, to build up its benefits on the hair for even more long lasting and intense effects.


About 9 months ago

This stuff is magic in a jar. I left it in my hair for about an hour and it honestly didn’t require much product. I have longish thin, fine, blonde hair that has been bleached and highlighted for years. Aka, my hair will resemble the color and texture of straw without lots of love and attention. This stuff does not...

16 Ingredients
Refreshing and rejuvenating
Protecting, hydrating and soothing
Moisturising and protecting

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 2 years ago

I love this product it's the only thing I have ever found that stops my very fine fair hair becoming flat, limp and horribly static. Why are you no longer selling it in your shop it's now after you stopped making blond the only thing I regularly buy from you as it is so good. Please don't stop making in a and make it available in your shops once again. I really don't want to run out and find that you have stopped it and there is nothing available for people who like me have horribly fine hair that is a nightmare to control and to stop being flat and lanky.

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About 5 months ago

So glad I have found this online! I used to get this from the store and really missed it when it disappeared. I have tried H'suan wen hua as a substitute (overnight), but haven't had the same results.

For reference, I have shoulder length, fine hair. Was a natural dark blonde, now bright artificial blonde. Ordering this now, from memory what I loved:

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2 weeks ago


About 2 weeks ago

Firstly let me say I love LUSH and I always will. I have such high expectations for your products because so many of them have genuinely changed my understanding of what my hair and skin needs and your company has made me care about the ethical side of consumerism.

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