Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers...




Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers...
A white Rosebud soap with 3D printed designs

The darling buds of May have bloomed early to give mum soothing and comforting washes. Take a stand for soap and mums alike and help her dreams come true with cooling oat milk and rose water. An infusion of white rose petals gently soothes skin while ylang ylang oil and orange flower absolute help moods soar. A finishing touch of extra virgin olive oil keeps skin soft and supple to give hard working hands some extra TLC.

Part of a new four part floral collection featuring 3D printed designs these soaps look as good as they feel. This soap has been designed to stand up on its edge making it easy to grab and a lasting perfume means they're joy to use from the first moment until the last.

34 Ingredients
Balancing and restorative
Uplifting and toning
Calms and soothes
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About 1 day ago

Seriously Lush, are trying to kill us with this sorry excuse for a soap ?
Assuming the "soap" I got in the mail today isn't from a bad batch, I have never smelt something so disgusting my whole life ! How can anyone create purposefully something so foul ?
What is wrong with you guys ? Did someone messed up the recipe ?
This thing makes me straight up want to throw up, I even had to wrap this awfull mess in cellophane before deciding on its fate.
Should I throw it in the garbage ? I would certainly be too ashamed to give it to someone else.... mmmm decisions, decisions...

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About 1 day ago

This is a stunningly beautiful scented and wonderful sight to behold work of art. The scent reminds me of shopping as a child with my mother in marks and sparks! The fine smell of roses from the ladies department......i am 41! Will have to buy more,thank you once again lush a beautiful winner xxx


19 hours ago


About 19 hours ago

Sorry lush but this is a rose dud . It stinks and gave me a headache. The other moms day soaps are nice though especially loosestrife. Who thought this was a nice scent? Maybe I got a bad batch but this has to go back. So sorry I hate rose dud .

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