Sundae pressed


American Cream

Pressed Conditioner Bar

Sundae pressed
american cream

Our most popular liquid conditioner has had a travel friendly makeover and shed the plastic for a new form that is sure to impress you. American Cream pressed conditioner bar uses the fresh juice of both strawberries and orange for shine and softness, while agave syrup helps to lock in moisture for longer.

It still has the same sumptuous milkshake scent of vanilla, clary sage and lavender which will linger in the hair long after you’ve rinsed the conditioner away. So why limit yourself to bringing all the boys to the yard, when you can bring them to the gym, on holiday… pretty much wherever you want?!

How to use:

After shampooing, rub this pink bar through wet hands to create a conditioning cream or if you’re looking for even more moisture work straight onto wet hair before rinsing away to leave hair feeling soft and smooth with a healthy shine.


About 4 months ago

Dan Campbell really has raised the bar with the latest incarnation of our adored and revered AC! His new Naked Conditioner Bar creations are both enhancing & uplifting... without doubt, a new and much improved class of solid conditioner that far exceeded my expectations. She’s a satisfying hefty handful, a delight to hold. Thick oval curves lending perfectly to warm,...

24 Ingredients
Sensual and soothing
Cleansing and brightening
ladender oil
Balancing and calming

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 4 months ago

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this bar in my recent lush labs purchase. My first reaction was, ‘it’s massive!’ Followed by a sniff that reassured me as it replicates the bottled conditioned that’s a staple in my bathroom. I used it for the first time this morning and can say for certain that it’s far better than any of the naked conditioners I’ve previously used-I’ve tried them all! Applied easily with a silky and creamy feel that left my fine hair feeling smooth. I’ll happily use this instead of the bottled version. Hope it makes its way into store!

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About 1 week ago

This is the first time I've tried the Amercian Cream.
I ran the bar straight through my hair so it lathered up really quickly.
The smell is gorgeous.
It left my hair feeling soft, smooth and smelling dreamy.
This will be my regular conditioner from now on!


2 days ago


About 2 days ago

I Love the American Cream Scent and the shower gel. I was excited to try the conditioner bar because I use the shampoo bars. I really did try to give this bar a go. I kept trying until I found the best way for me was to warm it up and lather it in my hands and run it thru my hair and repeat as necessary. I just don't like the bar. My hair gets more tangled no matter how I use it and seems to be more dry than if I just use the shampoo bar. I can see this bar lasting a long time.

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