Helps fine lines do a disappearing act

Vanishing Cream


Helps fine lines do a disappearing act

This is a light, cocoa butter-free moisturiser that doesn’t sit on the skin or overload it. It vanishes completely, leaving beautifully soft, lightly fragranced skin. It’s ideal for using in the morning under make-up, or to refresh you during the day. Essential oils of lavender, neroli and geranium oils help to balance the skin and give it a light scent.



About 11 months ago

As it say, it really vanishes and doesn’t stay and plug your pours and cause acne! It’s very light and smooth, beautiful to apply in the morning to keep your face hydrated and radiant! I definitely recommend this if you have mixed sensitive and acne prone skin with pores

24 Ingredients
Calms and soothes
Nourishing and hydrating
Astringent and cleansing

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 2 years ago

I was worried that the small tub wouldn't be enough to last and that the price was a bit steep, but when I was approached by an employee and had some product put on my hand I was amazed at how quickly it absorbed and how little she needed to use. It's been a couple of days since starting my new Lush routine and I anready see a difference, not just with my appearance but my mentality too. If you're looking to buy a really good 'pay for what you get' moisturiser and also suffer with depression and/or anxiety, this is the one for you!

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About 1 month ago

I have oily skin that is also dehydrated and prone to casual spotting and acne. I alternate between this one and enzymion because I just love them both. I will use this one on the days my skin decides to break out or be angry and sensitive. It feels and sinks in like water. It leaves my skin fresh and hydrated without aggravating my spots which is an amazing feature especially after using deep cleansers or peeling. Enzymion is great for days i feel like heavier hydration and oil control


4 weeks ago


About 4 weeks ago

I'm always really fussy with moisturisers because my skin is so prone to break outs, but this one really impressed me. It's gentle, can be applied under makeup as when using the right amount skin just absorbs it! Makes my face feel really soft and lovely. Seems kind of expensive but it lasts ages and ages because a little amount goes a long way. My only criticism is the smell as I found the lavender to be really strong, and personally I'm not a huge lavender fan. Otherwise it really is spot on.

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