Rich, smooth and naughty

Sugar Daddy-O

Solid Conditioner

Rich, smooth and naughty

With richness beyond compare and a fondness for blondes, Sugar Daddy-O is one to watch. Lighter shades will remain classy, not brassy after a few strokes with this pretty purple solid conditioner. It's full of luscious linseed infusion and argan oil to nourish. A floral bouquet of violet leaf absolute, rose and bergamot creates intoxicating fragrance that will last on hair all day. Work the bar between the hands before applying a small amount into wet hair; a little goes a long way.



About 2 years ago

PERFECTION IN A BAR!!! This SMELLS incredible and lingers in your hair, your hair will feel incredible and smooth and so perfect! It also enhances any natural highlights and is such a pretty bar to look at... pretty much everything about it is perfect!

23 Ingredients
Softening and conditioning
Nourishing and hydrating
Strength and shine
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About 2 years ago

Smells divine. Product is like a bar of soap but instead of lathering, produces a creamy moisturiser. However, it is difficult to get enough product to put in the hair in the same way as you would when using a bottled product. Takes a long time to rinse out - definitely triple your normal rinse time. Leaves a lovely scent in the hair for days. I would say it's not as conditioning as your normal, bottled conditioner as it still leaves my hair tangled and course when dry.

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About 3 weeks ago

This was the first solid conditioner I tried and I couldn’t be more happy :) I went into a lush store yesterday and the lady in there rubbed all 3 of these bars onto my arm and let me pick, I chose this one in the end because of the scent. If you have a tin, fill it up with hot water at the start of your hair washing and let it soften for a while. I then take it out and apply it straight to my hair until I have enough. The smell lasts all day and leaves my hair super soft!


1 day ago


About 1 day ago

I bought this from the shop and started using it, I have never bought Lush products before. My scalp has become very sensitive and as this was the only new product I have checked the ingredients. Really sad to discover sodium lauryl sulfate, it did not occur to me that this would be in a conditioner! My scalp is very sensitive to sulfates and parabens. Products in bottles are easily checked, bars like this are not, £7 wasted!

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