What does home mean to you?



Perfume Gift

What does home mean to you?
rentless perfume knot wrap gift

Embody the spirit of Tachowa with a perfume gift that reminds us of the importance of 'making something out of nothing'.
A blend of earthy patchouli, sweet tonka and uplifitng grapefruit evoke the senses inside a 30ml bottle of perfume and wash card. We've popped them inside a knot wrap made of organic cotton so you can gift to those that evoke the feeling of home.

From December 10-16, all profits from UK and Ireland sales of Rentless products will be donated to The Big Issue Foundation, which helps support their vendors take positive steps forward in their lives.

3 items in the box
Inside your gift…
Rentless Perfume
Never without a home
Rentless washcard
Wash Card
Never without a home
black knot wrap
Knot Wrap
A little black number
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