Take hands to paradise

Salted Coconut

Hand Scrub

Take hands to paradise

Superbly soft skin and scrubbing go hand in hand. This creamy coconut and sea salt exfoliator is the perfect way to keep your paws in tiptop condition. Apply a generous dollop to wet hands and scrub all over or use when your hands are dry for a rougher cleanse. Sea salt is a wonderful natural exfoliant, packed full of restorative minerals to cleanse and treat the skin, whilst coconut oil deeply hydrates without making your hands sticky. Those who love the sweet smell of the outdoors will love to get stuck into this scrub - fragranced with the smell of sweet gorse.


About 4 months ago

A very underrated product but it's a must-have at the sink, especially through the winter months. I always use mine on dry hands and it works miracles. My dad is a manual worker and I made him use it one day on his weather-worn, hardened and grizzly hands...he said it felt like magic as he rinsed them! It's brilliant, highly...

17 Ingredients
Cleansing and volumising
Coconut Cream
softening and soothing
Refreshing and brightening
Fresh Lemon Infusion

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 11 months ago

Salted coconut sounds like a great brand of Tequila, right? Well, those aren't the names your dorm-mate Tiffany is going to be screaming as she clings to the toilet bowl at 4am complaining about how she's "basically dying". No, Tiffany. You're just basic. Salted Coconut is an incredible symphony of silken tofu and Japan wax (both of which sound like their normal versions went to a fancy private school abroad) which leave the hands feeling nourished, glowing and vaguely familiar with the traditional Japanese art of Ikebana (I have no questions about this).

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About 2 months ago

After a year living in America, the knuckles and joints on my fingers became calloused, presumably because of the water quality. This and Lemony Flutter were the only products I used to fix my problem.

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1 month ago


About 1 month ago

Didn't notice a ton of improvement from this and the smell is a bummer.

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