To make you feel like a mermaid


Solid Conditioner

To make you feel like a mermaid

A sensationally-scented solid conditioner that's big on volume and shine. Fine sea salt adds softness and body, and glycerine helps retain moisture. Protein-rich toothed wrack seaweed helps make your hair more manageable. A squeeze of fresh lime and lemon juice get to work on adding gloss by helping the cuticles to lie flat and reflect light. Work the bar between the hands before applying a small amount into wet hair; a little goes a long way.



About 1 year ago

So with my plastic free ambition I have now swithced to solid conditioners and can't understand why I didn't do it years ago! It is going to last me for such a long time so will save me money, and with only a few strokes through my hair it spreads well and smells amazing after! I have really long hair...

24 Ingredients
Cleansing and astringent
Restorative and relaxing
Strengthening and revitalising
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About 1 month ago

Currently using this bar with the “honey I washed my hair” shampoo bar (which smells amazing), and had some trouble as I usually use a lot of conditioner and have a dry scalp.
It is quite difficult to get onto the hair as it is very solid even when warmed up, so wanting to be plastic free still, I just chopped the bar up and put the pieces into a jar, and poured boiling water on it.
Now it’s a paste, and is easy to put on the hair and my scalp is nice and moisturised. Couldn’t be happier, and hope this helps someone with the same issue

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About 1 week ago

The smell of this product is dreamy! I have a bad habit of sniffing my hair, especially if I am tired and now BIG has me doing it in overdrive! It takes a bit of work to get the product into your hair, but it's perfect as it is as it doesn't just melt away in your hands. My hair is also very dry and damaged and I was concerned that this product would not be rich enough for it but it definitely works.

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1 week ago


About 1 week ago

I decided at the start of this month to switch to shampoo and conditioner bars to reduce my plastic waste. The shampoo bar I got from lush is AMAZING and is lasting me so well but this conditioner bar is so so dissappointing, especially for the price. I've had it for less than 3 weeks and I've used over half of it already, whilst in the same time my shampoo bar is still almost full size! It's almost impossible to get any of this product onto your hair and although it smells good, it's really not moisturising and doesn't detangle my hair at all!

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