Feeling good


Self Esteem Machine

Body Spray

Feeling good

A whipped vanilla and creamy citrus fragrance explosion that is sure to leave you feeling brand new. Upbeat and playful, this complex perfume will lift your mood with just a single spritz. Fresh mandarin and grapefruit extract conjure up happy thoughts whilst vanilla absolute strikes a reassuring chord. Let this adventurous and multi-layered scent transform your outlook on life. Smell awesome. Feel awesome. Be awesome.

17 Ingredients
Uplifting and refreshing
Sweet and soothing

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 6 months ago

Sorry, but it smells like a shoe cleaner. Nonetheless, I love all the other Lush products such as solid gel, scrubee, all the soaps and facial creams like Georgeous, but I don't get why I can only buy a product on line without the chance of smell it, but I confess I did it with Plum Rain, Imogen Rose and Furze too... not bad but not as I expected.
Best regards!

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About 7 months ago

This has become one of my absolute favorite Lush fragrances! Normally when a scent is "coincidence" or "mood boosting", it's typically a citrus fragrance. But Self Esteem Machine is a light, soft, clean, and tranquil scent, somewhat reminiscent of a very toned-down version of Magic and Frozen. VERY toned down. Soft and subtly powder-like, with something that hints at crystal candy. Not the overly "sweet" candy type, but the rock candy and mild licorice candy type.

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5 months ago


About 5 months ago

I am utterly confused. I got to smell this back in August at the perfume gallery in Berlin and I absolutely loved it. But decisions had to be made and I took another scent home with me. I have been pining after this spray for months, cursing my stupid financial responsibility for depriving me of this delicious mandarin-vanilla-concoction.
And now that I ordered it and am smelling it again I find it hard to believe what my nostrils are offering me. I don't get mellowed out mandarin so much as sharp lemon scented toilet cleaner.

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