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Go undercover

If your naked shampoo bar needs some cover on its travels, this little round tin is the perfect way to preserve its modesty (and keep it dry). If you've ever used our shampoo bars before, you'll know how long they last. To keep them even longer, make sure they're fully dry before popping them in the tin to help them stay as firm and as solid as they can be.



About 10 months ago

The round tin is a life saver, storing all my lush lovelies!

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About 1 year ago

It does come up a bit small for new shampoo bars but they do fit with a bit of persuasion! I put a bit of ribbon underneath the bar, then it’s easy to pop it out again - just pull! I also use the lid for other soaps and bars when not traveling.

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About 4 months ago

I've read a few reviews saying that the shampoo bars don't fit the tin at first but I haven't had this problem at all. My shampoo bar (Godiva) fitted right from purchase and I'm so glad to have the tin. Since switching to bars my bathroom is much less cluttered.

I do agree it's tricky to open with wet hands in the shower so now, I give the tin a little shake to loosen up the bar then open it before I turn on the water. Not too difficult! Plus, it keeps the bar nice and fresh so that I get a burst of fragrance when I open the tin.


3 weeks ago


About 3 weeks ago

Just not good. I try to use this for shampoo bars and they don’t fit. When they’ve been worn smaller and do fit, they get stuck and start to melt inside as they can’t dry.

It’s really hard to open in the shower and leaving it open to the elements defeats the object.

I also bent it when trying to open it...

Wouldn’t recommend, just use a soap dish.

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