Go undercover

Round Tin

Go undercover

If your naked shampoo bar needs some cover on its travels, this little round tin is the perfect way to preserve its modesty (and keep it dry). If you've ever used our shampoo bars before, you'll know how long they last. To keep them even longer, make sure they're fully dry before popping them in the tin to help them stay as firm and as solid as they can be.

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About 1 year ago

They're a fab idea, especially for travelling with as they do keep the shampoo bars protected, however of the 6 or 7 shampoo bars I've had, none have been able to fit inside the tin until they've been used several times as they're too big. If the tins were a bit bigger not only would you be able to use them straight away with the shampoo bars but the bars would also be less likely to get stuck in the tins, which is the other problem I've had especially if the bars are still a little damp when they're put back into the tin.

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About 10 months ago

This was small and at first I thought I would only use for a shampoo puck, but I use for so many Lush luxuries.. Especially those small samples they send you of soap or whatever latest gem.. I love it and use all the time!


1 week ago


About 1 week ago

The shampoo bars fit too precisely, so you cant get them out. And when wet, the shampoo bar sticks. Not ideal!

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