Feel earissistible!


Wash Behind Your Ears

Shampoo Bar

Feel earissistible!
A yellow shampoo bar with pink ears

No matter whether they're long or short, stand upright or lop, make sure you wash behind them with this shampoo bar! Detoxifying carrot and cleansing lemon oils leave you with hair that shines as bright as your eyes. Cider vinegar helps to cleanse and balance scalps while lemon myrtle oil will have you hopping for joy. Lather up in the hands or directly on the hair, it only takes a couple of strokes of this bright bunny to get shiny happy hair.


14 Ingredients
Foaming and nutritious
Cleanse and gives shine
Antiseptic and uplifting

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 2 weeks ago

So, I’ve never used a shampoo bar from lush before but this caught my eye. I bought it on a whim because it’s really cute!
I used it for the first time yesterday and I was so impressed by how much it actually lathers up. I guess I thought it wouldn’t be as effective as a liquid shampoo but I was so wrong.
I rubbed it on my hair about 3 times and that was all I needed to wash all my hair (which is shoulder length)
It smells amazing and it’s left my hair feeling silky and soft.
I would definitely consider buying more shampoo bars.

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About 1 week ago

WOW !! I've tried all the shampoo bars over the years. My hair is long, fine but there is a lot of it. It is going through a lot of stress at the moment & my hair is suffering & falling out. My scalp is itchy and sensitive too. This is the best bar I have ever used !! Foams up so easily, the scent is so refreshing and it washed out so quickly with no residue. Left my hair so soft with balanced scalp & for once I was able to leave it an extra day before washing. My dry ends felt revitalised & some soft curls came back replacing the horrid dry ends.

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4 days ago


About 4 days ago

I have dry sensitive skin all over my body, including my scalp. I was worried it would smell like apple cider vinegar but do not worry it doesn’t- it smells lovely. My only concern is the possibility of buildup on my scalp, which I am accustomed to anyway with my hair type (I have straight/slightly wavy hair cut in a pixie cut).

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