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Av a go

Is this the greatest mash up there's ever been?

Forget about popular singing renditions, this fresh avocado, extra virgin olive oil and cider vinegar co-wash (also known as conditioner-washing) is the real headliner. It gently cleanses without stripping the hair of its naturally protective oils. If you're ready to 'av' a go, just get hair wet and slip a piece of this co-wash directly over hair (or make a silky lather in your hands first). Massage in to distribute evenly then wash off for silky, hydrated hair. If you're not convinced yet, you'll be instantly converted by the burst of limey fragrance with sweet, fruity bergamot oil.

26 Ingredients
Cupuacu Butter
Conditioning and softening
Softening and conditioning
Hydrating and nourishing

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 1 year ago

Bought this as I am a curly girl who loves a co-wash and was so excited to try this. I didn't see that SLS was the fourth ingredient before I bought it and this makes me so sad. SLS is a foaming agent that can make curly hair frizzy and I've never known a co-wash product to contain it. I LOVE the smell, but this won't be something I'll be re-purchasing. Hopefully this can be reformulated without the SLS so it's more curly friendly and more like a proper conditioner cleanse.

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About 2 months ago

Amazing product, stops hair getting greasy so quickly so I can wash it once a week now, and smells delicious. Because it's in a block, it's tough to spread it around the hair without rubbing for ages and ages and leaving lumps of product in your hair - I'd recommend putting a chunk in a ramekin of hot water before so it melts into it and becomes a soft paste, it makes it go further as well. The only downside is the red wax around it, I just pick it off and throw it away or else you get bits of melted red wax all over your shower.


5 days ago


About 5 days ago

I was skeptical about using it since so many people have mentioned how difficult it is to apply it, and how it might even pull out some hair while applying. But I took a risk and bought a chunk and now I am hooked. My Indian hair loves this so much that I am planning to order a 500 g size of it, though it is going to be pretty expensive. I have devised a new way of applying it which I find easier and works great - I cut it in small pieces and keep one of the pieces in a warm place in a lush sample container. It becomes soft and paste like in the heat and is like a cream while applying.

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