For damn fine hair


Flyway Hair

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For damn fine hair
fly away shampoo bar

Ahoy there! Make your hair a shining example of gloss and substance with this volumising sea salt and sarcocornia powder shampoo bar. Thicken up fine hair with sea salt for texture, sourced from salt pans that provide important stopover sites for wading birds as well as places where wading birds can feed, rest and breed. Lemon oil cleanses the scalp and adds shine, while chamomile soothes. Topped with a breezy summer fragrance for hair that smells windswept and gorgeous. Hello sailor!


About 2 months ago

I was really skeptical as my hair is crazy damaged from years of straightening but after the first wash my hair was definitely bouncier and fuller. When it is drying, my hair does feel sticky(?) so I wait till my hair is dry before I brush.

15 Ingredients
Uplifting and cleansing
Dried Roman Chamomile
Soothes body and mind
Benzoin Resinoid
Soothing and protective

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 3 weeks ago

The salt in this bar helps to keep my roots grease-free for longer and keeps my fine hair from going too flat. I've learnt that the first lather (on dirty hair with product in it) doesn't lather much, but I now do a second shampoo (after being told that this helps people go for longer between washes without getting extremely greasy!) and it then lathers up a lot. I'm loving how natural this bar is thanks to the lack of SLS, and it's now part of my twice weekly wash (I'm up to 4 days between washes now!) which is first root shampoo with angel hair bar to clean grease and product off.

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About 1 month ago

Initially I thought this didn't lather well - but I discovered it's best wiped directly onto wet hair (rather than trying to lather in hands first) You only need the smallest amount and lathers incredibly - my hairdresser mentioned my hair seems thicker! so that's a win from me


2 days ago


About 2 days ago

I am converted and very happy. I have been using for a couple of months now.
I have dark (with lots of grey) hair that sits below the chin. It’s regularly coloured with red. Every day I apply a heat protectant and straighten. It’s washed and conditioned every other day. I keep the bars in a metal soap rack high up in the shower so they dry out between use. All the bars I have used are SLS free. Having hands prone dermatitis this is a must for me.
I have tried three shampoo bars in combination with three conditioning bars and I have to say I am pleased with them all.

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