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Sleepy head
Lullaby Shampoo Bar

The calming combination of chamomile, ground almonds and oat milk gently soothe the scalp. Raise the spirits with Tunisian sourced neroli oil, proven to aid the release of serotonin (the happy hormone)! Lavender oil and absolute relax and balance, ideal for children two years and up; pass over the hair once or work into a light lather in the hands first.




About 1 year ago


I got given this as a present and am so glad as I probably wouldn't have tried the shampoo bars otherwise, and now won't ever go back to using packaged shampoo and conditioner! This bar lathers so well AND smells amazing - it leaves my hair smooth and not greasy or dry etc. These bars last for so long and...

13 Ingredients
Moisturising and conditioning
Chamomile Oil
Calming and relaxing

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 1 year ago

I love how gentle this is on my sensitive scalp! Since I bleach my hair often, my scalp is dry and sensitive, and Lullaby is just the tune to calm it down! I also use different toners and colours that range in pastels, so most shampoos (besides Daddy-O) strip the colour right out. No issues with Lullaby! If you are looking for a solid/naked shampoo that is gentle and safe on colours, Lullaby is your bar!

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About 1 week ago

Lullaby is a gift to the humankind. At first I disregarded this shampoo bar thinking it would be too simple and didn't believe it could do anything to help my scalp and dry ends, but when I gave it a shot I completely fell in love. I have annoyingly oily scalp, which means I have to basically wash my hair daily, or every two days if I keep my hair up or braided. Washing my hair so often is not good for my scalp nor for the dry ends, but I don't have a choice because otherwise my hair is so gross and I start getting greasy dandruff.

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1 day ago


About 1 day ago

I SOOO wanted to love this, I really think lush are a super company and as someone who is trying to reduce their waste, I bought this. Firstly, when it arrived, the smell was very very strong, but after using it, it has toned down and smells lovely, the scent stays in your hair too which is nice. However, for a shampoo bar that has so many reviews about being gentle on the scalp, it has waaaay too much SLS. My hair has never felt so ‘squeaky’ with any shampoo before, and that’s not a good thing. It dried out my scalp and hair and made my scalp super itchy.

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