Detoxed and delectable hair

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Detoxed and delectable hair

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"We purchased Rehab to combat dry and dandruffy hair and it worked amazingly! We both have thick and curly hair and this helps to make it shiny and soft. I'd recommend to keep using this; over time, my hair has improved just through prolonged usage and this is now our go-to shampoo. I use it with the Jungle conditioner bar and it works wonders.' - masonh48_6680782

"From the very first use I noticed the difference in my hair. It was super shiny, felt amazing & looked better than it has in years. To be honest, I couldn’t quite believe how good this shampoo was. Even my scalp felt soothed. When my hubby commented on how shiny & silky my locks were, I knew I was on to a winner." - Ally_G 

"This shampoo has clarified my hair and it is shiny and twinkling once again! I have noticed a difference and so have other people-only used it 3 times! It smells like mint in the bottle but I can also smell lavender essential oil when using it in the shower. Really impressed and will continue to use this!"-Millie Frances

How to use

When you ain't got seventy days, work through wet hair before rinsing away to reveal healthy, happy tresses. Always keep a bottle near.

Kieran Crump

About 4 months ago

I used to have super long dry hair from years of bleaching and hair dyes, when the woman recommend me this in store I thought it may be a fad, however, I noticed a massive different in over a weeks use. That was 2 years ago and I constantly repurchase. Best thing I ever did for my hair care.

24 Ingredients
Cleansing and nutritious
Moisturising and protective
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Hilde Skaar Moi

About 1 year ago

I have a sensitive and somewhat irritable scalp that sometimes cause me more that a few headaches. I get the occasional outbreak of itchiness and dandruff, and when I do, this shampoo is a lifesaver for my poor scalp. It also does great things for my hair, even though I don't use it very often. I love the smell of it too, and when I first bought this and smelled it, I almost bought the biggest bottle of it just because of the smell. It feels lovely on my scalp when I use it and I often leave it on for several minutes before washing it out to let it do it's miracles for my scalp.

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About 2 months ago

I love this shampoo.

I have chronically greasy hair and am still blessed with a dry and sensitive scalp so shampoos have always been a trial of fire. I'll admit I was pretty skeptical when the assistant recommended it for me, but I am eating my skeptical 'ooooookay, I'll try it...'

By no means was it an instant love and at first I alternated washes with Big but when I ran out I had to commit and I have no regrets. My hair is naturally quite dry towards the ends but I've seen a huge improvement over the time I've switched and my scalp is so much healthier.

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4 days ago


About 4 days ago

I have tried and tested just about every revitalising, detoxing, nourishing shampoo out there. Each start off with the promise of healthier feeling and looking hair. My primary concern is I have very thick, dry hair that doesn’t hold on to any form of moisture for very long. Because of this, I suffered with chronic dryness which at its worst would be very painful and resulted in eczema like breakouts on my scalp. I picked up a small bottle of this 2 weeks ago and thought I’d give it a whirl. Having used it for 2 weeks washing my hair every 3 days I am gagged to the gods! It works.

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